Our Story

Lounge By Design has had an interesting journey.

How Our Journey Started

Our story starts many years ago with a family of fabric merchants. Hailing from this family, our father used his expertise to start the furniture business as a side-line, because he loved seeing upholstery fabric made up into beautiful pieces of furniture.

He had a passion for refined, top-quality craftsmanship and furniture with a superior finish. We, his sons, grew up in this interesting environment and a love for exquisite furniture had been cultivated in us from a young age.

After many years of working in the industry, we came out of the humdrum of the corporate retail sector and saw an opportunity in this exciting creative industry.

We shared our father’s passion and added our youthful energy to his vision, to create this beautiful and exciting business. Our aim is to blend dynamic, modern designs with traditional and trusted artisanship.

Two Upholstered Chairs

Where We Are Today

As time went by we added other interior services, allied to furniture manufacturing, to our portfolio, i.e. creation of all soft furnishings and window coverings, as well as interior decorating services.

We are now proud service providers to:

  • Private homes
  • Interior decorators
  • Corporate companies

Official Manufacturer

We are proud to have been chosen as the official manufacturer for St Ledger and Viney Fabrics.

Dynamic Furniture Designs · Dependable Workmanship


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